China—UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park Inks Investment Agreement Huang Lixin and Jiangsu Delegation Attended the Signing Ceremony

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  Jiangsu delegation headed by Mdm. Huang Lixin, Deputy Party Secretary and Executive Vice Governor of Jiangsu, attended the signing ceremony of China—UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet of the UAE and Ni Jian, Chinese Ambassador to the UAE were also present.

  In her speech Huang Lixin said that it was to implement the important consensus reached by the top leadership of the two countries that we would expedite the building of the China—UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park. It was also a critical move to take part in the Belt and Road Initiative, in which Jiangsu was designated by the Central Government to take the lead. Both CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government took this cooperation program seriously. Thanks to our joint effort that this Demonstration Park has made breakthrough development in its initial phase. Huang Lixin emphasized that we shall adopt a market-based approach in which enterprises play the leading role while government provides assistance. It was important that we would combine Jiangsu’s capacity strength and experience in building industrial parks with Abu Dhabi’s rich resources and market potential, to turn this Demonstration Park into a signature program of the Belt and Road Initiative, and an important brand of exchanges between China and UAE.

  Ambassador Ni Jian stressed that the China--UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park was born out of the context that both countries wish to seek complementary and win-win development, and it would become a paradigm cooperation of industrial capacity within the Belt and Road framework. He pledged that both sides shall make concerted effort to speed up the process, and thrive for an early success to set a good example. He was confident that more and more concrete results would come out of the joint effort of China and UAE in participating the Belt and Road Initiative, and the China—UAE strategic cooperation partnership would soon enter a new era. Minister Sultan said that UAE was committed to an inclusive, open, gentle society with strong entrepreneurship. Exchanges between China and UAE had great potential. It was the common aspiration that this Demonstration Park would progress smoothly, become an important platform to further promote the friendly exchanges between the two countries, and play its due role in deepening the China—UAE strategic cooperation partnership. He believed that UAE—China relationship would enter an exciting new era.

  The China—UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park is located in KIZAD, Abu Dhabi. The signing ceremony was witnessing the inking of MOU on Promoting Industrial Capacity Cooperation and Implementing the Belt and Road Initiative by Huang Lixin and Sultan representing Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and Abu Dhabi’s Department of State and the Investment Agreement on China—UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park by Jiangsu Overseas Cooperation Investment Corporation and Abu Dhabi Port Company. A management company in charge of the development of the Demonstration Park unveiled its nameplate. The first five in-coming companies signed their framework agreement of investment. The total investment was expected to be USD 300 million, and would create 1400 local jobs.

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