Daily Generated Wind Power in Jiangsu Exceeds 100M KWH

updated on: 2017-03-21  source:

  The wind power generated on Jiangsu’s power grid exceeded five million KWH for the first time at 11:15 on February 20 to reach 5.08 million KWH due to the gale, bringing the volume of generated wind power on that day to over 100 million KWH for the first time, reaching 104 billion KWH. These two figures are close to the peak load and the daily power consumption respectively in Nantong on the same day. In other words, the power consumed in Nantong on that day was more or less covered by clean power.

  With the southeastward movement of strong cold air, the coastal areas of our province saw 8-10 grade gust from February 19 to 20. Influenced by it, the wind power generation simultaneity rate was 90.6% on Jiangsu’s power grid at 11:15 on February 20, reaching 5.08 million KWH, accounting for 7.47% of the total power consumption load, setting up a record high. If calculated as generation of 1 KWH’s power would consume 350 grams’ standard coal, the 104 million KWH’s power generated by wind on that day is equivalent to that generated by 36,000 standard coal, thus having reduced emission of 90,000 tons’ carbon dioxide and 3,000 tons’ sulfur dioxide.

  So far, there have been 2,822 wind power generators on 40 wind power plants on Jiangsu’s power grid with an installed capacity of 5.61 million KWH, among which, 1.01 million KWH was offshore wind power, ranking the first in the country.

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