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Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival To Be Open
The Provincial Government Makes Plans for This Year’s Foreign Affairs  2017-02-17
Zhang Lei Meets with a Cultural and Trade Mission from Taiwan  2017-02-17
Jiangsu Releases Soft Scientific Research Projects  2017-02-17
Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival To Be Open  2017-02-17
Shi Taifeng Issues Certificate of Honorary Citizens of Jiangsu Province  2017-02-14
Jiangsu’s Art Troupe Perform in Europe  2017-02-14
Chinese New Year Celebrated in Gerocomium  2017-02-14
Jiangsu’s Police Officers Return from South Sudan  2017-01-13
stf01 Governor Shi Taifeng
Governor Shi Taifeng
Executive Vice Governor Huang Lixin
Vice Governor Yang Yue
Vice Governor Zhang Lei
Vice Governor Zhang Jinghua
Vice Governor Ma Qiulin
Vice Governor Chen Zhenning
Secretary General Wang Qi
The fundamental principle of the government is to serve the people whole-heartedly. The basic task of the government is to meet the increasing material and cultural needs of the people. The basic criteria of government work are whether people satisfy, uphold or agree. Government at all levels should enhance self-improvement for higher executive ability and build a service government for the people and supervised by the people.

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